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Sunday, 2 November 2014


More than 20 years ago, blogs didn’t exist. Just about everyone is a blogger these days whether they realize it or not. What are the Benefits of Blogging and now there are more than 200 million blogs. But still, a lot of people looks puzzled, when I tell them that having a blog is the important thing, cause, or person can do to advance online. Even though ‘blogging’ has hit it big, most people don’t know that what makes blogging so powerful, helpful, and beneficial.

 I’ve compile a list of some benefits of blogging below. If you’re among the uninitiated, prepare to be enlightened. If you’ve already started a blog of your own then you can consider this an affirmation of why you do and what you — and a good place to direct people who still think that a blog is just a pointless public diary.

If you write / post something on Facebook and receive comments and feedback then you are a blogger. You Tweet a short sentence of 140 characters on twitter then you are a micro blogger.
If you are Uploading a video to YouTube where you can get subscribers and comments, then you are a video blogger.


Self-expression has become the new entertainment and people are increasingly likely to participate online than just vegetate in front of the television. The democratization of publishing and marketing through self-publishing (blogging) and self-marketing (social media) are breaking down barriers to display invisible experts who previously would have been hidden from view.

You will become a better writer, if you do blogging Just the discipline of sitting down and writing will improve your writing skills. Thinking and planning does not cut it…action and doing does

Your memory will improve while doing blogging. Exercising the brain through writing and learning will provide much needed exercise for the neurons. Keeping the body fit requires physical exercise. The mind needs stimulation and activity as well to be mind fit. You will be amazed by what you will remember from participating in mental gymnastics provided by blogging activities.
This will also have a the side benefit of looking more intelligent at cocktail parties and that has to be a good thing!

Your creativity will increase, if you do blogging. Nothing like a focused passion to improve your creativity.You will find that your brain will think more creatively as you move from conscious skills to unconscious and automatic activity, that frees up the thinking for out of the box thinking

You will learn To write you have to read. There is a very distinct direct bonus from this activity. You will learn …a lot!

Stephen King the novelist summed it up well ”If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”
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