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Thursday, 19 November 2015

31 to 40 Link Building Strategies

Link Building Strategies

Leave Your Links Everywhere

Well, not everywhere maybe, but links can be a calling card if used wisely. Some of these cross over with the above section on providing content. This is the same idea as any other marketing really; you want as many eyeballs as possible on your product.

31. Link to your site in your email signature.

32. Link to your site in all your social media platforms.

33. Link to your site on your business cards that you will naturally give out at industry events.

34. Tell people about your site. You'd be surprised at how much of a resource this can be.

35. Comment on relevant blogs and sites without doing so in a spammy manner. I wouldn't suggest popping your link into a casual comment because that's not a good way to build long-term link exposure, but using your site for your comment signature can lead people to you, even if it doesn't actually generate a link on the spot.

36. As mentioned earlier, guest post. Ask to guest post. Approach sites and say hey, would you be interested in having me as a one-time contributor? Be prepared with something though, in case you're asked for an idea or a writing sample.

37. Interview someone. Interviewees usually link back to these interviews, and they're a great way to get to know people in your industry.

38. Write a testimonial or a review of a product.

39. Leave reviews for local businesses you've visited on sites like Yelp.

40. Give feedback online through social media. If you like an article, tweet that to the writer. If you had a great hotel stay, put it on their Facebook page.



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